Monday Morning Joe.


A coffee cup's worth of blog post delivered the first Monday of the month. Creativity and perspective before you hit the bottom of your mug.

The Bottleneck In The Mirror: A Founding Advisor’s Dilemma.

Alex Rogo is the manager of a struggling manufacturing plant. He's under pressure to turn things around or corporate will shut down operations. While leading a hiking trip for his son's scout troop, Alex has a breakthrough insight observing a slow-moving, unathletic...
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What’s a “GvG17?” The Answer.

Get your pocket protectors ready, cause' it's about to get nerdy in here. "GvG" = Gamma via Gestalt ("17" = 2017 year established) Gamma = Gamma brain waves occur when you're at peak performance. Gamma is the brainwave state of being “in the Zone,” that feeling that...
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What’s a “GVG17?” Part I

"You've really gotta do something about that name." The need for simplicity is hardwired into our brain. Mental shortcuts called heuristics leverage rules-of-thumb to sidestep comprehensive analysis and simplify decision-making. Without heuristics, no one would make...
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The Sellout vs The Magical: A Tale of Two Breweries

Imagine an industry where mid-to-small sized businesses find themselves increasingly challenged by scale and/or succession needs.  As a result, large aggregators and private equity firms step in with capital to address the challenge with a goal of driving economic...
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The Path to Differentiation: Cultivating Creativity

  On June 23rd, 2000, Paul Allen opened the Experience Music Project (EMP).  In a tribute to his music idol, Jimi Hendrix, Allen smashed a glass Stratocaster guitar and declared, "Let the experience begin!" Now called the "Museum of Pop Culture" or "MoPOP", the museum...
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