For 20 years, Sam climbed the corporate ladder in financial services. Working with thousands of financial advisors provided a unique perspective into the world of wealth management that eventually revealed a dichotomy between financial growth and personal growth. Sensing this conflict on a personal level, Sam left the comfort of a steady paycheck and made the entrepreneurial leap. His goal was to address the wealth management's deficit in purpose by introducing innovative, cutting edge concepts to a stagnant indusry. 

Ultimately, his entrepreneurial leap turned into an entrepreneurial flop.

While searching for clarity, he found inspiration in a 100-year old family story that led him to IKIGAI.  Ikigai is Japanese term that can be interpreted as "your purpose," and has been credited as a key factor in longevity, creativity, and happiness.  Sam empowers individuals and organizations to discover and implement ikigai.  


Sam Ushio is the founder of GvG17, a change management firm based in Seattle, WA. The firm empowers individuals and organizations to discover and implement IKIGAI. Ushio blends expertise in traditional management consulting + large-scale program design with ongoing research into the areas of performance psychology, human-centered design and experience-based learning. Inspired by a 100-year old family story of legacy, sacrifice, and triumph, Sam designed the Ikigai curriculum to lead purpose-driven transitions at the individual, professional, and enterprise-level.  

Prior to founding GvG17, Sam was Director, Practice Management at Russell Investments where he led a nationwide team of practice management consultants that delivered strategic consulting + coaching to wealth managers and financial advisors. Sam is frequently quoted in the press, including Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Financial Advisor Magazine, and InvestmentNews. He has an MBA from Foster School of Business at the University of Washington and holds a Bachelor of Science from University of Nebraska in marketing and finance.