Wellness programming to increase employee engagement. 

“Ikigai” is a Japanese concept that can be interpreted as “your purpose.”  Ikigai Lab combines key tenets of this ancient life philosophy with modern positive psychology to increase innovation, creativity, and overall satisfaction at work and in life.

According to Gallup, only 34% of US workers are “engaged.”   

This deficit in engagement results in approximately $600 Billion in lost productivity

Medical research has linked a low sense of purpose to a decline in physical and mental health.

Three ways to engage the Ikigai Lab:

Lunch + Learn

60-minute Presentation

Presentation outlines the Japanese philosophy linked to longevity, creativity, happiness, and fulfillment.  Modern case studies, rooted in positive psychology, foster a relatable foundation for personal + professional exploration.  

  • What is Ikigai?
  • Why is ikigai important?
  • How do I implement ikigai principles?


Full or Half-Day 

Workshop empowers participants to strengthen connection with self, team, and organization. 

  • Participants will initiate ikigai discovery process, strengthen working relationships, and design a personal action plan.
  • Workshop includes guided personal introspection and group facilitation driving toward a better alignment between actions and priorities.


Four-Week Program

Program provides a structured, goals-based framework to tackle inertia, drive implementation, and lead change.

  • Key elements of the Okinawan concept of “moai”, a life-long support group, are leveraged to create supportive feedback and accountability during the four-week timeline. 
  • Framework includes two large group meetings and two moai-group meetings within four-week timeline.

Find purpose on purpose.

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