Minimum Viable Purpose

IKIGAI MVP(urpose) deploys lean techniques from the startup world to reveal personal insights into purpose.

Finding your “purpose” can seem overwhelming, but the combination of the Japanese life philosophy of “IKIGAI” and the agile methodology of Minimum Viable PRODUCT provides a powerful foundation to test new ideas in a focused, supportive environment. 

Learn from experts

Collaborate with others

Design your 7-day test

The next Ikigai MVP will be on August 13th at The Collective.  

Professional Expert

Elaine Newtson

Elaine bring 15+ years of corporate experience in global talent acquisition, university programs and leadership development to her coaching practice.  Her transition to coaching stemmed from a passion for developing empowered leaders and desire to provide partnership to busy professionals considering…what’s next?!  In addition to her prior HR experience, Elaine is a Gallup Certified Strengths Based Coach and holds a Master Coach Certification from the Behavioral Coaching Institute.    

Personal Expert

Erica Mouch

Erica Mouch, RDN, CD is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science from Eastern Michigan University and a Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology from Elon University. Practicing since 2013, Erica advocates and follows both the non-diet approach and the Health At Every Size® approach in order to support people from all shapes and sizes in finding how to support their health. Erica has practiced in a clinical nutrition (hospital) setting, long term acute care setting, outpatient services, and concierge-style nutrition and lifestyle coaching. These varied experiences allow her to provide support to a wide variety of diseases and illnesses, in addition to those looking to focus on achieving specific health goals. Erica is also at expert at employing Motivational Interviewing (MI) and utilizes this knowledge to help her clients achieve success. She also trains other healthcare practitioners in expanding their MI skills. 

The Path to Your Minimum Viable Purpose

Learn from experts

Two 15-minute presentations + 10-minute Q&A. 

Engage leading expert in key categories

Simple ideas for high impact

Collaborate with others

Build community with others on a path of discovery. 

Facilitated discussion toward insights and actions

Gather diverse perspectives to help formulate your 7-day test.

Design your 7-day test

Push out of your comfort zone, but only for 7-days.

Measure impact by tracking affinity

Opt-in to accountability group for support +feedback + insights.